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illustrator/graphic designer.
I make Motherworld. Updates every week.

Anna (getouttamydreams) asked me to draw myself as Hatsune Mike after this happened.

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I started watching Sailor Moon and Kill la Kill and it’s really hard to keep this tumblr from being filled with just fan art.

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Wes Anderson movies have the perfect amount of pain and disappointment in them. Everyone looks so unbearably lonely. They’re like conversations you have with yourself when you’re trying to heal.

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Anonymous asked: where are you from?


If you meant like origin story, then I’m from the Philippines. As for where I’m at, I’ve been living in Las Vegas for the past few years.

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zoe-saurusrex asked: You're super cute and should have way more regular followers. I love it so far!


you are great

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cat-astronaut asked: Hey. Your blog is cute. I like it.


YOU’RE cute!

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Anonymous asked: I just saw your comic about people being 'plugged in' and always into technology and such, and I just want to say that you just opened my heart. Lately I've been feeling very pessimistic about life and where we're going with our postmodernistic culture, and you've restored my faith in it. I can not thank you enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Wow, thank you! This really made my day! You’re not alone. Others have told me that they related to it and that it helped them out in their own ways. We should all e-hug. <3

The comic’s been used for the whole debate around social media, but I didn’t intend for it to be a part of the argument. It’s unavoidable, but it’s just one viewpoint on a topic that has a hundred others to consider. What I’ve liked a lot more is that it comforted people. I think what’s more important than winning that argument is to be comfortable and to know what you’re using this technology for. What you get out of it depends on what you put into it.

I’m gonna put in this car with a rocket strapped onto it.


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no. 7pupdate
what&#8217;s your favorite dog?
my friend Tiffany draws great dogs. we&#8217;re collaborating on a dog illustration that I&#8217;m mega slow on. she makes a comic featuring dogs. you should check it out!

no. 7

what’s your favorite dog?

my friend Tiffany draws great dogs. we’re collaborating on a dog illustration that I’m mega slow on. she makes a comic featuring dogs. you should check it out!

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wakin&#8217; up and drawing a cute old couple.

wakin’ up and drawing a cute old couple.

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latergram. baked a cake para mi mamá for mom day.

latergram. baked a cake para mi mamá for mom day.

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Anonymous asked: Your comics make me happy- they're great. Keep doing them :)


You’re great!! Thank you. I’m happy to know that they make you happy.

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Anonymous asked: I feel sort of bad, because I really like your work, and I almost always reblog it, because I want a ton of people to see it. But, I didn't really dig the comic you posted that got a ton of notes. I felt it was sort of an unnecessary glorification of the culture that was grown around modern day technology and media. I feel like not like that comic is sort of like turning up my nose to what could be a big break for you, I'm sorry.


Thanks for supporting me and my work! And also thank you for telling me this. I like hearing people’s thoughts on technology and social media. It’s an interesting topic to me. I don’t get to talk about it often. Since I met a lot of my friends online, we’d all more or less defend its legitimacy. There’s a lot to talk about, but I’ll just focus on the comic.

Personally, I prefer physical interaction. When I’m out with people, I make the effort not to take my phone out. Whether or not looking at your phone is poor social etiquette depends on who you’re talking to, but I wouldn’t fear the decline of civilization over something I feel is way too benign. Some of it is a legitimate concern, but times are a-changin’ and the options we have for experiencing things are expanding. Some of those options won’t be for everybody, and I can’t fault anyone for having a lifestyle that doesn’t jive with mine. People are way too complex for me to build assumptions on their character based on me seeing them look at a phone at a time that I wouldn’t.

That’s a bit of what Edward is getting at. But more so the focus is on whether or not these emotions we experience and the relationships we foster are genuine, and I’d say that they are. There’s always some people who are vain and want attention, but I want to give the benefit of the doubt. I feel like an overwhelming majority of people just want to share their lives, whether it’s through writing essays or taking photos of their food. We might not physically be there, but knowing you’re not alone could be enough sometimes. I didn’t intend for the comic to be a glorification, but more a celebration of social media, and a message to naysayers to stop worrying so much about how people are choosing to live and just let them figure things out for themselves. It might seem like I’m preaching to the choir what with the notes that thing has been getting, but from a few responses I’ve read and that “look up” video floating around, it looks like it’s a lifestyle people still have to defend, which is kinda bonkers to me.

But I’m a part of the generation that grew up with it, not the one that was born with it. (’90s kids will understand??? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

Welp, I wrote a lot! Way more than I needed to. And no need to apologize. We can’t agree on everything, and there’s no need for that either (but you might like the follow-up). Thanks for wanting a big break for me! I’m just happy to know people like reading this stuff.

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